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Albie's "Inventions"
(Alternative Energy Projects)

Electric Car
Li'l Blue - our new baby! And Leaflet, (her bigger buddy).
Grid-Connect PV Generating electricity from the Sun
De-Silter Automatic de-silting system for water supply
Panemone Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine
Pelton-wheel Micro-Hydro Electricity Generator
Spa Pool Solar-Heated
Hot Water 1 Solar-Heated - Mark 1
Hot Water 3 Space heating with Drums
Hot Water 4 Long Term Hot water storage for house
Cottage Roof Solar Hot Water for Cottage
Central Heating For the Cottage
Thermostat To control the water supply to the hot water systems above
Steam Engine Powered by a Solar Furnace
Tricycle Solar and Human-Powered
Washing Machine Computer-Controlled
Alternative Energy Seminar Notes from a seminar held at our farm in April 2007
DIY Hot Water Seminar Notes and diagrams from our Feb 2012 Seminar

A common thread among all my projects is that they are NEVER finished...
"God keep me from ever completing anything!"
(Herman Melville - 'Moby Dick')

I can't keep my mind from wandering....
So, now that I've "retired", I can spend time indulging myself
with dreams about alternative energy,
and build castles in the air....

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