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"He, convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still"

"Pain is inevitable; Misery is optional" - (seen in a hut book on the Wangapeka Track)




(or Remove your old one)


Welcome to the Catlins and South Otago Buy-Sell-Swap Website!

This website is intended to encourage recycling and re-use of items which we no longer need.  There are surely people in our community who would like to use the things we have in the shed...

If you have something which you haven't used for the past year, perhaps someone else may benefit if you listed it here for sale or to give away - it will help in a small way to save the planet!

There is NO CHARGE to list an item.  But you need to live in the Catlins or South Otago, because this site is for Local Residents only.  (Sorry everyone else!)


You can either BROWSE the EXISTING LISTINGS  below,
or you can fill in the ON-LINE FORM to create a NEW LISTING (or Remove your old Listing)

You'll see that there are THREE categories for listings:
    Offered:  For Sale, Give Away, To Rent, etc. (colour-coded green)
    Requested:  Wanted, Rental Required, etc. (colour-coded pink)
    Remove a listing:  Do this when you no longer want your item listed.  (When it has sold, for example)
Your E-MAIL is OPTIONAL - You need to enter it if you want the latest listings sent to you by e-mail every week.
Please consider doing this, it's a good way for me to keep in touch with you about recycling and carpooling from time to time.

Your BIRTHDAY is also optional, but you should fill this in if you want to be able to remove your listing later!  (You can give your cat's birthday if you like).

The  EXPIRY DATE is used when you want your advert to run for a specific time.  If you leave it blank, the advert will delete itself automatically after 3 months.

Please include your CONTACT details (your NAME and PHONE NO.) in the body of the advert itself.  It's safer NOT to include your e-mail address in the advert because of e-mail collecting "spiders" which will find it and start sending you spam messages!  (But it's OK to put your e-mail in the OPTIONAL field mentioned above.  Nobody will see it there, and I will NEVER divulge it to anyone else.)

To REMOVE a listing, just fill in the YELLOW section of the form, then submit it.  (You'll need to enter the Listing Number, and the Birthday you gave when you posted the original listing)

The website is updated daily at MIDNIGHT, so don't expect to see your posting until tomorrow.

There is NO CHARGE for using this website.  It's my small contribution to recycling in New Zealand.  (But I won't stop you from making a small donation if you'd like to contribute to the maintenance of the website....)

Post any donations to  Albie Burgers, 386 Long Plain Rd, Kotinga, TAKAKA

or Electronic transfer to TSB Bank a/c  15-3959-0142176-00
or make a donation to Save the Children or to OXFAM

Details of Listing


The ancient forests stand desolate
bare limbs reaching skywards
like doomed prophets
praying for rain
in vain

Drilling rigs perch on green fields and sea
piercing the ground, like needles
thrust into earth's black veins,
sucking her bounty -
Fuel to feed
our greed

Earth's blood
has been

The dark cities lie silent now:
cars strewn like useless toys
we move about, eyes glazed
unable to adapt to this place
of concrete, glass and steel,
without the lights and music
we gorged on just yesterday

We gave our grandchildren their present
which we happily called our future
You knew, they cry,
You knew!
and yet

(Albie Burgers - July 2007)