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Project Rameka Trapping

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Latest Results:

Rameka Trapping 2011-2018 (Great Expectations/Odyssey Line)

Rameka Summary 2011-2018 (No. of Pests caught in each trap GE/O Line)

Rameka Trapping 2018 (Jim Simm's Block/HRT Line)

Rameka Trapping 2018 (Valley Road Line)

Archived Results:

Rameka (G.Expectations/Odyssey) 2011

(G.Expectations/Odyssey) 2012

(G.Expectations/Odyssey) 2013

(G.Expectations/Odyssey) 2014

Rameka (G.Expectations/Odyssey) 2015

Rameka (G.Expectations/Odyssey) 2016

Rameka (G.Expectations/Odyssey) 2017

Rameka Trapping 2017 (Valley Road Line)

Rameka Trapping 2017 (Jim Simm's Block/HRT Line)