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The Golden Bay
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This website is no longer active
It's been nice while it lasted.

Thank you all very much,  Albie Burgers


The ancient forests stand desolate
bare limbs reaching skywards
like doomed prophets
praying for rain
in vain

Drilling rigs perch on green fields and sea
piercing the ground, like needles
thrust into earth's black veins,
sucking her bounty -
Fuel to feed
our greed

Earth's blood
has been

The dark cities lie silent now:
cars strewn like useless toys
we move about, eyes glazed
unable to adapt to this place
of concrete, glass and steel,
without the lights and music
we gorged on just yesterday

We gave our grandchildren their present
which we happily called our future
You knew, they cry,
You knew!
and yet

(Albie Burgers - July 2007)

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